2.5.1. Payment of salaries will be on a fortnightly basis, by way of electronic funds transfer to the financial institution(s) and account(s) nominated by the staff member. Deductions from a staff member's salary, other than those required by law or this Agreement, will only be made by the University in accordance with the staff member's written authority.

2.5.2. Where the normal day for payment of salaries falls on a day or the day following a holiday prescribed under section 3, salaries will normally be paid not later than the day on which the financial institution(s) is open for business immediately preceding that holiday.

2.5.3. Where a staff member notifies the University of an underpayment in writing, the University will correct the underpayment normally within two (2) working days of notification by the staff member. By mutual agreement in writing between the staff member and the University such payment may be made not later than the pay day for the next pay period.

2.5.4. An overpayment to a staff member will normally be recovered at the rate the overpayment was made and will normally be rectified within the financial year that the overpayment occurred. A staff member can negotiate the rate of repayment provided that the rate will be not less than 10% of the total overpayment per fortnight until the overpayment has been fully recovered.

Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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