1.7.1 This Agreement constitutes a closed agreement and regulates comprehensively the relationship between the University and those staff whose employment is covered by the Agreement.

1.7.2 This Agreement entirely replaces the Australian Catholic University Staff Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021, which is in operation until replaced by this Agreement.

1.7.3 This Agreement operates in conjunction with the provisions of the National Employment Standards (NES) of the Fair Work Act, 2009 (as amended).1

1.7.4 This Agreement operates to the exclusion of all state and federal awards that would otherwise apply to those staff whose employment is covered by this Agreement, including but not limited to the Awards listed below and any award that may succeed any of them:

  1. Higher Education Industry - Academic Staff Award - 2020
  2. Higher Education Industry - General Staff Award - 2020
  3. Educational Services (Post-Secondary Education) Award 2020.

1.7.5 During the period of operation of this Agreement as defined in sub-clause 1.6, the parties referred to in clause 1.3 (v) agree that:

  1. this agreement will constitute full and final settlement of all matters; and,
  2. there will be no further claims made by either or any party until after the nominal expiry date.


1 Where there is an inconsistency between the Agreement and the National Employment Standards (NES), and the NES provides a greater benefit, the NES provision will apply to the extent of the inconsistency.

Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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