(1) Cadets

The University may employ eligible persons as cadets on a fixed-term basis. Cadets will receive the following percentage of the applicable rate specified in Schedule 1:

  • 1st year 60%
  • 2nd year 75%
  • 3rd year 85%.

(2) Trainees

The University may employ eligible persons on a fixed-term basis to be trainees (i.e. persons who undertake a structured program of paid work and training pursuant to a training agreement registered with the relevant State Training Authority). Trainees will receive the appropriate rate of pay specified in Schedule 1.

(3) Supported wage arrangements

Staff who are eligible for a supported salary and who meet the impairment criteria for the Disability Support Pension will be paid the applicable percentage of the relevant rate for the work value they are performing in accordance with the Special Supported Wage System (Employees with a Disability) Australian Pay and Classification Scale and the following prescribed rates, provided that the minimum amount payable must be not less than $95 per week (as amended by the Fair Work Commission from time to time).

Assessed Capacity % of Prescribed Salary Rate Assessed Capacity % of Prescribed Salary Rate
10% 10% 50% 50%
20% 20% 60% 60%
30% 30% 70% 70%
40% 40% 80% 80%
90% 90%
Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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