This Part sets out the clauses of this Agreement that apply or do not apply to teachers covered by this Schedule 4. The provisions of the clauses that apply do so as though they refer to teachers.

Clauses that apply to teachers Clauses that do not apply to teachers (refer to Schedule 4 Part A for relevant arrangements)
Section 1: Agreement Arrangements
1.1 Title
1.2 Agreement Arrangements and Contents
1.3 Definitions
1.4 Objectives of the Agreement
1.5 Application of the Agreement
1.6 Length of the Agreement
1.7 Relationship with NES, Awards and Certified Agreements
1.8 Individual Flexibility Agreements
1.9 Relationship to University Policies
1.10 Intellectual Freedom
1.11 Access to Agreement
1.12 Dispute Settlement Procedure
1.13 Principles of Consultation at ACU
1.14 Participation in University Processes
1.15 Union Rights
Section 2: Remunerating Work at ACU
2.1 Salaries
2.2 Casual Employment and Loading
2.5 Payment of Salaries
2.6 Annual Leave Loading
2.7 Salary Flexibility
2.8 Salary Packaging
2.9 Superannuation
2.10 Reimbursement of Expenses
2.11 First Aid Allowances
2.14 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Languages Allowances
2.3 Casual Professional Staff
2.4 Supported Wage and Traineeships
2.12 Higher Duties Allowances
2.13 Meal Allowance During Overtime for Professional Staff
Section 3: Providing for Leave
3.1 Application of Leave Provisions to Full-Time, Fractional, and Part-Time Staff Members
3.2 Australian Defence Force Reserves Leave
3.3 Community Service Leave
3.4 Compassionate Leave
3.5 Provisions to Support the Victims of Family, Domestic or Intimate Partner Violence
3.6 Extraordinary Leave
3.7 Leave Without Pay
3.8 Long Service Leave
3.9 Parental Leave
3.10 Personal Leave
3.11 Recreation Leave
3.12 Trade Union Training Leave
3.13 Workers' Compensation Leave
3.14 Leave and make-up pay for injured workers in Victoria
Section 4: Managing for Performance Excellence
4.1 Performance Excellence
4.3 Induction
4.7 Development and Performance (was Performance - Review and Planning at ACU)
4.8 Managing Unsatisfactory Staff Performance
4.3 Study Time and Financial Assistance to Support Study
4.4 Incremental progression
4.6 Performance-Related Reward and Recognition
4.7 Benefits for Academic Staff
Section 5: Working Arrangements
5.1 Work-Life Arrangements 5.2 Working Arrangements - Academic Staff
5.3 Working Arrangements - Professional Staff
5.4 Principles of Job Redesign, Flexibility and Skills Enhancement for Professional Staff
Section 6: Employment Matters
6.1 General Principles
6.2 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Employment
6.3 Workplace Bullying and Harassment
6.6 Requirement to State Terms of Engagement Conversion from Fixed-term to Continuing Employment
6.9 Minimum Employment Period
6.11 Transfers
6.4 Classifications
6.5 Employment Types
6.7 Employment Categories (excluding Conversion from Fixed Term to Continuing Employment)
6.8 Conversion of Casual /Sessional Employment
6.10 Probationary Employment
Section 7: Discipline Provisions, Medical Assessment and Separation from Employment
7.1 Separation at the Initiative of the Staff Member
7.2 Discipline Provisions
7.3 Medical Assessment
7.4 Summary dismissal - Professional staff
Section 8: Consultation and change management at ACU
8.1 Principles
8.2 Job Security
8.3 Changes to rosters or hours of work
8.4 Major change
8.5 Notice of Redundancy
8.6 Notice period
8.7 Redeployment
8.8 Calculation of Severance Payments
8.9 Voluntary Retirement
Schedule 4 Schedule 1
Schedule 2
Schedule 3
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