1.15.1 Purpose of these provisions

The Parties recognise that the purpose of clause 1.15 is to benefit the University's staff members by facilitating the provision of effective and accessible industrial representation.

1.15.2 Union facilities and representational rights The University will provide the ACU Branch of the CPSU and NTEU respectively with the following services and facilities free of charge:

  1. an office and associated meeting room each at the ACU Branch President's home campus;
  2. access to the internet and email; and
  3. access to the University's intranet. The University will include web links on the University intranet to the websites of the ACU Branch of the NTEU and CPSU respectively.

1.15.3 Union communications Staff members are entitled to reasonable union-related use of University-provided email and web access in accordance with University policy regarding such use. Reasonable union-related use includes broadcast emails from the ACU Branch President of the NTEU or CPSU respectively to staff members. The Branch President of the NTEU or CPSU may access the staff directory for the purposes of finding the contact details of and communicating with University staff for union business.

1.15.4 Union Activities A staff member who has been elected to the Branch Committee of the CPSU or the NTEU will be allowed reasonable time off during working hours or a reasonable workload allocation for the conduct of union business. The University will provide the Branch President of the ACU Branch of the CPSU and the NTEU respectively with 40% time release each per week to enable them to perform their union-related duties. The NTEU and the CPSU may each hold up to 5 union meetings per year during working time. Staff members will be able to attend these meetings during working time. The CPSU and the NTEU may provide the University with union information materials which the University will make available to all new staff at formal induction sessions. Staff may also be eligible for trade union training leave under clause 3.12.

Page last updated on 08/02/2023

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