All children and vulnerable adults who interact with university members on ACU sites or within the wider community have the right to feel safe and to be safe.

ACU’s commitment to providing a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults is achieved through the Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures as well as other aligned ACU policies and instruments.

Each State and Territory has its own statutory requirements in relation to protecting children and, in some jurisdictions, vulnerable adults.

This includes:

  • legislation and regulations.
  • requirements in relation to working with children or vulnerable checks.
  • statutory authorities which receive and act on reports of risk of harm to child and vulnerable adults.
  • requirements for mandatory reporting of risk of harm to children and vulnerable adults.

More information on ACU policies and the Australian statutory requirements is available in the sections below:

Policy and Procedures

The Policy and Procedures explain how ACU will meet its commitments to protect children and vulnerable adults. It complies with Australian statutory requirements and, above and beyond this, seeks to establish best practice in relation to arrangements for protecting children and vulnerable adults.

Safeguarding Children Young People and Adults at Risk Policy and Procedures

Reporting Harm or Suspected Harm

Find information on reporting harm or suspected harm including the statutory authorities which receive reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. Understand mandatory reporting requirements.

Protecting Children and the Vulnerable: Reporting Harm or Suspected Harm

Legislation and Regulations

View information on the statutory requirements that apply in each State and Territory and see a table of applicable legislation and regulations.

Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults: Legislation and Regulations

Working with Children or Vulnerable People Checks

Due to responsibilities under state and territory legislation, Working with Children or Vulnerable People Checks need to be conducted before staff, students and other members of the University engage in certain activities which involve children or vulnerable people.

Working with Children or Vulnerable People Checks

Reference Information

The information listed on this webpage has informed ACU’s commitments to protecting children and vulnerable adults.

Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults: Reference Information

Communicating and Consulting

Communicating and Consulting
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