About the Session

The key to effective conflict management is timely intervention - to notice the signs and respond appropriately. This session explores the ways we can help ourselves and our colleagues manage conflict with others at work. It also provides insights on the nature of conflict and the specific dynamic involved in conflict as well as providing advice on the steps one can take to constructively work through their differences.

This session explores the function of conflict at work, and provides guidance on how to avoid conflict where appropriate and how to effectively manage it where necessary. It guides participants through preferred conflict styles and provides tips and insights to help ensure people can work through problems without harming working relationships.

Learning Outcomes:

  • identify some common causes of conflict at work
  • list some practical ways of preventing conflict occurring
  • be able to recognise the signs when a working relationship needs help
  • learn their preferred style of management conflict
  • explore solutions and identify

Who is this session for?

All staff


External Provider - En Masse


14 November 2024


Please note Daylight Saving

10am to 11am (QLD) 11am to 12 noon (NSW/ACT/VIC)

Delivery Mode

Virtual via Webinar

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