Exam adjustments are provided for students to enable them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities on the same basis as their peers. Exam adjustments are recommended by the Disability Advisor reflecting information provided by an appropriate healthcare practitioner. 

These guidelines are provided in accordance with the Assessment Policy and Procedures and the Examinations Policy and Procedures.

The University and the individual staff member concerned must provide any reasonable examination adjustments to be compliant with the Disability Standards for Education (2005), which are delegated legislation and have the same status as the Disability Discrimination Act (1992)

The links below provide information specific to role of the School regarding exams.

Relevant documents

Information for Heads of Schools regarding the delivery of school tests and exams (PDF, 49KB)

Information for Academic Staff responsible for running school tests and exams (PDF, 116KB)

Tips for Scribes prior to examinations (PDF, 81KB)

Roles and Responsibilities 

The role of the Disability Advisor

The role of the Disability Advisor in relation to examinations is generally confined to identifying and recommending reasonable exam adjustments and reflecting this on a student’s Education Inclusion Plan (EIP).

The role of Examination and Results

Examination and Results is responsible for implementing the recommended exam adjustments as advised by the Disability Service during the official central exams and deferred examination periods. Refer to the Academic calendar for details. 

If Examination and Results encounters a significant difficulty in providing an exam adjustment, they will contact the relevant Disability Advisor. If the local Disability Advisor is unavailable and the matter is urgent, Examinations and Results will contact a Disability Advisor on another campus for advice. 

The role of the Schools 

It is important to be aware that the exam adjustments listed on an EIP apply to central and deferred examinations administered by Examinations and Results as well as any test or exam administered by Schools. 

All school tests and exams scheduled outside of the official central and deferred examination period (including those in a non-standard study period or deferred exams) are the responsibility of the School concerned. In such instances, it is the responsibility of the School to provide the recommended exam adjustments as outlined in the Education Inclusion Plan. Examples of this may include:

  • Employing appropriately qualified staff, such as scribes or supervisors
  • Creation of the exam/test in the specified alternative format

Practical examinations, although administered as central examinations, are co-ordinated and supervised by the relevant School.

Page last updated on 28/10/2021

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