• The Academic Timeline is designed to improve co-operation and university-wide information sharing to enable the delivery of a high-quality student learning experiences.
  • By focusing on tasks, roles and processes, the Academic Timeline more accurately reflects the capacity of our teaching academics at different times of the year.

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The Academic Timeline 2023 Focus Zones Access the Academic Timeline Dashboard Governance Framework

The Academic Timeline

ACU strives to bring a distinctive perspective to higher education in Australia with a focus on opportunity, innovation, and ethics. ACU's distinctive approach to education requires collaboration across all areas of the University and needs to be founded on clear communication, teamwork, and mutual understanding.

The Academic Timeline presents an overview of university tasks, processes and interactions between Directorates and Faculties, to increase collaboration, promote communication and efficiencies. The Academic Timeline will assist:

  • Academic Staff to gain an understanding of what interactions they can expect to have with Directorates, including when and detailed processes.
  • Directorate staff to understand peak periods and focus zones for academic staff, most appropriate times for seeking assistance and detailed processes for their respective interactions with academic staff.

Staff should consult the Academic Timeline Dashboard prior to contacting teaching academics to ensure the timing of the interaction is appropriate to their current priorities.

Focus Zones

Focus Zones are peak periods within a teaching academic's calendar requiring their complete attention and time around learning & teaching activities and the student experience.

Directorates are kindly asked not to request information or participation from academics during these periods, with the exemption of interactions identified within the dashboard or ongoing student engagement activities that are integral to the student experience and learning and teaching. In return, teaching academics will have greater capacity for information sharing and participation during non-peak periods with Directorates.

Focus Zone Period

2023 Dates

Total Weeks


13/02/23– 17/02/23

27/02/23 – 10/03/23

3 weeks


10/04/23 – 21/04/23

2 weeks


05/06/23 – 23/06/23

3 weeks


17/07/23 – 21/07/23

31/07/23 – 11/08/23

3 weeks


25/09/23 – 06/10/23

2 weeks


06/11/23 – 24/11/23

3 weeks


16 weeks

Save it to your calendar

You can download the iCalendar file to show the focus zones in your outlook calendar, to do this:

  1. Click on the date of the focus zone period. The iCalendar file will be downloaded to your computer.
  2. Open the iCalendar file and click save & close.
  3. The Focus Zone Period should now appear in your calendar.

The following video provides a demonstration of the functions and features of the Academic Timeline Dashboard. 


The Academic Timeline Dashboard

Access the Academic Timeline Dashboard 

Governance Framework

The Academic Timeline is a live document to reflect the university's ever-changing environment. To support the implementation of the initiative the Academic Timeline Governance Framework has been developed, endorsed by Academic Board 2023. A link to the governance framework will be made available here once it is published.

Governance Framework Committee Structure

Steering Group: ensures the delivery of the Academic Timeline through endorsement of recommendations from the Academic Timeline Community of Practice.

Community of Practice: supports the continual review and identification of interactions and agreed processes for inclusion in the Academic Timeline. Providing further support and accountability within processes and roles.

Focus Groups: established as required to review identified interactions. Will include subject experts and staff directly involved in the interaction being reviewed.

Updates to the Academic Timeline will be ongoing and monitored by the Academic Timeline Steering Group and the Academic Timeline Community of Practice. If you have any questions or suggestions of additional interactions, please contact CEI@acu.edu.au.

Page last updated on 02/03/2023

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