• The self-service studios empower staff to record high quality video and audio content for teaching purposes.
  • Find information on how to prepare for your studio session, how to record and advice on post-production.
  • Book a studio by contacting the relevant staff member on your campus.
  • ACU Studios can offer custom production assistance as required.

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Why use the self-service studios?

There is a wide variety of research on the value to students of high-quality, chunked videos for learning, that makes strong use of multimedia design principles. A summary of the application of these design principles has been produced, along with a broader range of information from ACU’s INSPIRE team.

The self-service studios empower staff to record with clear video and audio, using simple controls to switch between video of the presenter and the relevant slides. This helps presenters engage with their audience through the video, and eliminates the issues of recording from home or the office, such as poor lighting, low video quality, or muffled audio.

What facilities are available?

The studios feature simple control panels that allow you to switch between multiple views, as shown below.

 talking head   powerpoint slide  powerpoint and talking head 

Presenter view, which allows for ‘eye contact’ with the students.

Slide view, to focus students attention on the slides as needed.

Picture-in-picture view, which can be used if gestures or body language are important to help explain the content of the slides.

The desks are height-adjustable, so presenters can sit or stand depending on your preference, and a computer is provided to display presentations or other material. Staff can also bring their own laptop to present from if prefered (not available in Canberra or Ballarat campuses).

View a 360 tour of the Melbourne studio below

The Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra campuses also have lightboards, which allow presenters to write on the glass as they would a regular whiteboard, while maintaining eye contact with the students during the recording. For more information on using the lightboards, please contact LXD@acu.edu.au before making a booking.

How to use the studios

notebook and pencil icon

Preparing for your session

  • Prepare your content using the provided PowerPoint template. Note that older 4:3 PowerPoint files will not work in the self-service studio.

  • Try wherever possible to keep your videos short (6-10 minutes), focused, and make full use of multimedia design principles. Chat to your learning designer or ACU Studios staff if you need assistance.

 video camera icon


  • Each time you press the record button, a new file will be created with the current date and time. If you’re recording multiple videos, you may want to start each video with a relevant title slide so you can easily sort through them later.
  • Don’t worry if you make small mistakes, students like to know that you’re human. If you want to start again, you can stop and start a new recording, or trim the recording later using Echo360.
  • Engage with the camera as much as possible, it is your audience! Avoid reading directly from your slides or your notes, smile, and enjoy yourself.
 film strip icon


  • The video files the studios record can be uploaded straight to Echo360.
  • We highly recommend setting a custom thumbnail for your videos, so they are immediately distinguishable in LEO. This should be the same as your title slide from the PowerPoint template.
  • You can easily trim your videos in Echo360 to remove dead time at the start and end, or to remove small sections from the middle.

How to make a booking

Fill in the form to make a booking.

Make a booking

Through the form you'll be able to pick the studio you wish to book, and see a list of available times going forward. You can book an induction with a staff member, or make a 90-minute self-service booking. If you want to book longer, feel free to make an additional booking.

Need help?

If you need any assistance, please contact the respective team member with details listed below.

Ballarat rupert.russell@acu.edu.au
Brisbane michael.sobek@acu.edu.au
Canberra joexcel.rinon@acu.edu
Melbourne jacob.dyer@acu.edu.au
North Sydney matthew.harrison@acu.edu.au
Strathfield matthew.harrison@acu.edu.au

Custom Productions

Direct instruction is not always the best way pedagogically to engage learners in the content. ACU Studios can provide video production services for units to produce high-quality multimedia that can help engage learners in your subject matter. Below is a selection of the types of projects we can work with you to produce, reach out to lxd@acu.edu.au to find out more.

Hear from subject-matter experts, or the experiences of clients. Short, powerful stories can be used to build students’ empathy and understanding, while experts from outside the university can offer unique perspectives.

Sometimes it’s easier to show rather than tell. This can be especially useful if students are unable to make it to campus to participate, or to be able to reference during tutorials or workshops. Filming a demonstration can also amplify its reach, as participants may not be available to take part in the demonstration at all locations or times. Multiple angles, slow motion, and other graphical overlays can help draw meaning out of the video.

Short engaging pieces designed to grab the viewers attention, whilst introducing them to the concepts and vocabulary associated with a particular topic or unit.

Other resources

  • Noetel, M., Griffith, S., Delaney, O., Sanders, T., Parker, P., del Pozo Cruz, B., & Lonsdale, C. (2021). Video Improves Learning in Higher Education: A Systematic Review. Review of Educational Research, 91(2), 204–236. https://doi.org/10.3102/0034654321990713
Page last updated on 14/05/2024

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