As an ACU staff member, you’ll know that an ACU education is about more than a degree. It’s more than a rite of passage, or a set of practical skills.

It’s learning to look at the world through a new perspective, with empathy and confidence. It’s learning to lead, and to listen. It’s challenging stereotypes, and having the courage to make an impact.

To ensure that the University’s Core Curriculum lies at the heart of this transformation, we’ve been hard at work revising and refreshing the program.

The Core at ACU will now be made up of two units, and a community engagement unit. We are determined that the Core at ACU be a stand-out experience for our students, and a point of difference in the industry.

It will be taught by our best and most passionate lecturers, researchers and academics. Staff teaching the Core will share their expertise, mentor, and teach across multidisciplinary student cohorts. They will lead lively debate, and far-reaching discussions.

These two new units will give students a chance to reflect on a life well lived, and consider ways we can change the world by applying the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

These principles are relevant to us all.

They are about the dignity of the human person.

They are about solidarity –belonging to one human family regardless of race or religion.

They are about the common good – everyone should have access to what they need to live a fulfilling life.

They are about participation – we all have the right to take part in decisions that affect our lives.

They are about the vulnerable – caring for the underprivileged is everyone’s concern.

And they are about stewardship of the earth – it’s our collective responsibility to care for the world and its resources.

Seeing the world through these principles will change the way our students look at those around them, the way they practice their future profession, and the way they make personal and professional decisions throughout their life.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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