There are two teams dedicated to admissions at ACU: TAC Admissions and Direct Admissions Services. Our duties in admitting students to ACU include:

  • Coordinating admission of applicants through Tertiary Admissions Centres (TACs) as well as applicants who apply directly to ACU
  • Processing internal course and campus transfer applications
  • Managing applications for deferment
  • Processing specialist cohorts to ACU programs, including those studying through our Executive Education courses and those at off-shore sites
  • Coordinating information for the Course Browser
  • Administering applications and offers for ACU's Community Achiever Program (CAP)
  • Managing ACU course information for publication in TAC Guides and websites
  • Liaising with Tertiary Admission Centres on behalf of ACU
  • Ensuring transparency of information related to ACU admissions, including adjustment factors and required entry ranks.

Admissions can be contacted via email.

Page last updated on 12/09/2023

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