The Office of COO is responsible for Portfolio planning, resources, communications and workforce matters, and is also responsible for university-wide projects and priorities. It also includes the Office of the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, which is responsible for Infrastructure and Capital Planning. This includes Capital Funding Requests, Critical Incident Management Planning, Social Infrastructure Planning, Sustainability Planning, Portfolio Project Office, Future Campus Investigations, and Strategic Projects.


Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Dr Stephen Weller
Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Ms Leonie Edwards
Executive Officer

Ms Sharone Ciancio
Director, Corporate Services

Thea Williamson-Burns
Executive Officer 

Office of the Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Mr Paul Campbell
Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Mr Mikail Ruutu 
National Manager, Portfolio Projects 

Jane Caton
National Manager, Strategic Programs

Gillian Rowlands
Program Officer, Strategic Programs

Melinda Phillipson
National Manager, Campus Leadership

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