1. Overview

The University motor vehicle policy and procedures cover motor vehicle usage for approved business travel, utilising either a campus motor vehicle or a private motor vehicle under defined conditions. Salary packaged motor vehicles fall within the Human Resources Directorate's portfolio and are covered by the Motor Vehicle and Novated Lease Policy (refer to Salary Packaging for further guidance).

Queries in relation to the administration of University owned motor vehicles can be directed to the Financial Accountant (2945).

2. Salary Packaged Motor Vehicles

Salary packaged motor vehicles are available to both current and new employees under a novated lease arrangement (refer to Motor Vehicle and Novated Lease Policy on Salary Packaging for further information).

3. Use of Campus Motor Vehicle

The University allows use of campus motor vehicles for business travel which has been approved in accordance with the Financial Delegations. Staff should first inquire as to the availability of a campus motor vehicle, prior to use of a private vehicle. Applications for use of campus motor vehicles are to be made to the local Campus Operations office.

Campus motor vehicles which are garaged at a staff member's residence overnight, are subject to the payment of Fringe Benefits Tax.

For each day of use, an entry must be made in the log book which remains in the campus motor vehicle. The log book entry must include the following details:-

  • staff member's name, cost centre and signature;
  • purpose of the journey, not merely the destination;
  • time the campus motor vehicle was picked up and returned;
  • odometer readings at the beginning and end of the journey;
  • kilometres travelled; and
  • if the campus motor vehicle is used by a staff member for more than one day, then each days travel must be completed in the log book, including details of where the vehicle was garaged overnight.

A fee per kilometre travelled applies for use of a campus motor vehicle, to offset the cost of fuel and maintenance.

4. Use of Private Motor Vehicle

If a campus motor vehicle is unavailable, a private motor vehicle may be used for business travel subject to authorisation by the staff member's supervisor. However, private vehicles used for business travel are not covered by the University insurance policy.

Payment for the claim will appear as an allowance on the staff members payment summary, unless the car is leased under a Selectus Novated Lease, in which case it will be included as salary and taxed accordingly. Calculation of the claim is based on the cents per kilometre rate.

The claim form and Reimbursement of Expenses Policy are located on the HR webpage

5. Insurance

Refer to Insurance web page for information regarding procedures in case of an accident in a campus vehicle.

Salary packaged vehicles or private vehicles used for business travel are not covered by the University insurance policy.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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