Here is how you can respond to an 'MFA challenge' when signing into an MFA protected system (e.g. Office 365, Zoom, Techone, Workplace, Swoop Analytics).

Note: The instructions below show how to respond to an MFA challenge using the Microsoft Authenticator app. If you use the SMS method, simply enter the code sent to your phone.

Step 1: Open an internet browser and go to any system that uses MFA such as Outlook. Log in using your university details.

Step 2: Enter your password and click Sign in.

Step 3: You will then be asked to 'Approve sign in request' and a number will appear. You will also receive a prompt on your phone from the Microsoft Authenticator app, take note of the number and turn your attention to your phone.

Step 4: You will receive a notification on your mobile device. Open the notification.

Step 5: An 'Are you trying to sign in?' prompt will appear; instructing you to 'Enter the number shown to sign in.'

Step 6: Enter the number shown on your browser (not the number shown in the screenshot) and tap Yes.

If you're accessing a system on your mobile device (e.g. Outlook app), you may need to tap "I can't see the number" to display the number again.

Step 7: Once approved, your browser will automatically take you to the 'Stay signed in?' page. Select either yes or no based on your preference.

Step 8: You are now securely logged in (see Outlook below as an example).

Microsoft Teams

When it's time to reauthenticate in Microsoft Teams, a banner will appear at the top of the application like this:

To reauthenticate:

1. Click Sign In on the ribbon.

2. Enter your password into the pop up box that appears (this will appear for Outlook also).

3. Respond to the Approve prompt on your phone.

Result: You will be authenticated in Teams.

Calls in progress will continue without interruption when authentication is required but messages cannot be sent or received until reauthentication occurs. You can reauthenticate during a meeting without interruption.

Occasionally, chat icons may disappear after reauthenticating. Simply refresh the chat window by clicking on Calendar or another tab in the left-hand menu.

Most other Office 365 applications (e.g. Excel, Word) will accept the authentication of these applications and will not need to be authenticated separately. You may see this warning symbol at the top of your Office 365 application. All you need to do is click this and it will re-authenticate you instantly.

OneDrive will stop syncing at reauthentication time and will send a popup box to tell you. Simply click the box and it will reauthenticate automatically (you won't need to use the app).

Page last updated on 19/05/2024

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