• You've downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app from your App or Play Store and skipped all prompts (but accept the request to use your camera)

1. Go to in a web browser on a computer and log in if requested

2. Go to the Security info section, and click the + Add sign-in method

3. Select Authenticator app and click Add

4. Next, it will ask you to download the app, do so if you haven't already then click Next

5. You will then start the configuration

To configure the Microsoft Authenticator app and scan the QR code:

A) Open the Microsoft Authenticator app. Skip any prompts that appear (but give permission to use your camera if asked).

B) Tap Add Account then Work or School Account.

This will open a camera in the authenticator app (you may need to give permission for the app to use your camera).

C) Point the camera at the computer where the QR code is displayed.

This will read all the information the app requires to set up for MFA and an 'Account added' notification will appear at the top of the screen. If asked, approve the request for the app to send you notifications.

6. Return to the browser and click Next in the 'Microsoft Authenticator' window. The web browser will check the verification status of your app

7. It will then prompt you to test it, a number will appear on the screen, take note of that number and turn your attention to your phone

8. An 'Are you trying to sign in?' prompt will appear; instructing you to 'Enter the number shown to sign in.'

9. Enter the number shown on your browser (not the number shown in the screenshot) and tap Yes

10. Under the 'Default Sign-in Method:' click Change

11. Select 'App based authentication - notification' then click Confirm

Result: Your 'Default sign-in method will be updated to the 'Microsoft Authenticator - notification'

Page last updated on 16/05/2024

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