Occasionally, you may be unable to use the Microsoft Authenticator app for MFA authentication, so it's possible to use your backup method instead (usually SMS).

You may need to do this when:

  • You have the Microsoft Authentication app installed on the same phone as the application you need to authenticate. Occasionally, this will appear as though the authenticator app and the Office 365 application are 'looping' and you are constantly transferred from one to the other. The workaround for this is to use SMS as the authentication method.
  • Your app can't access the Internet network.

To fix looping issue on mobile

1. Wait for the request to timeout and select get a code a different way.

2. Select the text message option.

3. Enter your SMS code when it arrives.

Result: You have successfully authenticated.

On web browser

To use an alternate method of authentication on a web browser:

1. When the authentication prompt appears, click Sign in another way.

2. Select Text code option.

3. Enter the SMS code sent to your mobile.

Result: You have successfully authenticated.

Page last updated on 12/05/2024

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