They are intended to be used for the university’s most high profile touchpoints, such as our campaign and advertising materials. Use of the our personality fonts is copyrighted and licensing needs to be purchased to use these fonts which are primarily intended to be used by trained designers within professional design programs.

  • Nexa is a sans serif with distinctive character. With well-finished geometric designs and excellent legibility it is optimised for headlines.
  • Miller text is a transitional serif representing both traditional and modern characteristics. With generous breadth and a relatively large x-height it delivers earnest, authorative copy.

Our standard brand font equivalents are Arial and Georgia respectively. They are used for communications that are created in Microsoft programs (e.g. Word, Excel and PowerPoint) or for communications that are shared ‘live’ (i.e. without first being converted to a PDF) where the recipient will not have access to Nexa and Miller text. 

Download ACU Brand Guidelines for Fonts

Page last updated on 02/04/2020

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