Our comprehensive icon suite features over 1000 icons and should be used with purpose rather than as a purely decorative element. As contextual communication devices, when used thoughtfully they can both enhance and simplify our printed and digital communications.

Like with all content, when considering the use of icons, it’s important to ask yourself if their inclusion is in fact adding value. The last thing people want is more visual clutter than what we are already exposed to in our daily lives.

Icons for ACU websites

To ensure consistency of use of icons across all ACU websites and pages, a separate catalogue of icons that have been developed and approved for use on our webpages. Please email digital.requests@acu.edu.au for all icon requests related to ACU websites & pages.

Icons for PowerPoint presentations and brochure creation

To access icons for use in PowerPoint presentations or for brochure/flyer creation please visit the MER SharePoint to download the ACU full suite of icons.

To assist with the use of our icon suite
  • We have grouped and categoried icons for easier navigation,
  • Provided our icon suite in three major brand colour ways – purple, red and sand and
  • our icons have been developed SVG – a friendly format for both programs in the MS office suite but also digital platforms.

Tip: For easier searching and reviewing of the icon suite, changing your folder view to thumbnails will provide you with a visual overview snapshot of all the icons in the respective category folder

If you have any questions about the ACU icon suite on SharePoint, please contact design@acu.edu.au.


Page last updated on 18/05/2020

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