It is a web-based system which has several modules providing functionality to address Properties and Facilities operations and reporting requirements.

Visit ACUSIS at :

Two ACUSIS modules relate to geographic information and allows users to interrogate spatial information and view it using an interactive interface.

Room Enquiry and Map Enquiry

The Room Enquiry module has an interface which provides staff location and contact details. Selecting site, building and room allows for occupancy to be viewed.

The search window (top right) allows to search for a particular staff member. By clicking on the location link opens an interactive map in a new window with the staff’s office location highlighted.

This module is also used for room location and details enquiry.

The Map Enquiry module is an interactive map that allows users to view buildings on each campus and room details on each level.

The left of the web page (in drop-down list) contains campus names, layered map information (which can be viewed on or off) and map themes for related data information about the spaces. While building and room information can be viewed on the right side pane of the web page.

To go back to homepage click the Map Enquiry Icon (located on the top left corner).

Note: Please ensure that you have logged out of the ACUSIS system after using. This will enable us to back-up and update our data efficiently. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about ACU's Spatial Information System (ACUSIS):

1. How do I log in to ACUSIS?

All staff has general access to ACUSIS which require a login. Logon using your Windows logon credentials (same as that used to logon to your work computer).

2. How will ACUSIS benefit me?

ACUSIS will enable you to perform a number of functions, including:

  • Locating or querying details about a meeting room or teaching space
  • Locating a staff member

3. Can I download a map or a floor plan and how do I do it?

Yes, you can download a map or a floor plan. Located on the top ribbon of the web page, click the print icon and select the “Adobe pdf” as your printer device. It will prompt a dialogue box creating a pdf file, rename it and save it to your preferred folder.

4. What if I find an inaccurate data or plan in ACUSIS?

Please contact and provide details of the error.

Example of errors includes:

  • Wrong plan or furniture layout
  • Incorrect division or department code
  • Staff member in wrong location or staff who had already left the University.


Page last updated on 16/03/2021

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