We know that being anchored in the values of our organisation can make our workplace and working relationships healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

Reconnect. Replenish. Restore offers curated time, opportunities, and resources for staff to immerse themselves in the values foundational to our university’s mission: human dignity, the common good, the pursuit of knowledge and Catholic social teaching.

Developed in collaboration between the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy and the Mission and Identity Directorate, this mission program provides staff with an open, inclusive, and supportive space to reflect on and articulate the values that animate their roles within the context of ACU’s distinctive mission as a Catholic and publicly funded university.

It is an inclusive forum where we can collectively explore the what, the how and the why of the mission commitment that grounds individual effort and defines our university community.

We are now accepting applications from all staff who would like to participate in this pilot program. The pilot will commence on Monday 18 July 2022.

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We know that human beings experience greater personal and professional satisfaction in workplaces that acknowledge and support the values that motivate them.

We also know that our staff care deeply about the values that are at the heart of our mission.

Reconnect. Replenish. Restore. offers you, both personally and professionally, the opportunity to pause, reflect, evaluate and to learn more about the values that guide us, provides meaning and purpose for our work, and which defines the distinctive characteristics and qualities of a Catholic university.

Applications close on Monday 11 July 2022.



Program details

Monday 18 July 2022


Online meet and greet

Discussion: what's to come

Thursday 18 August 2022


Module 1 discussion: Reconnect

Friday 16 September 2022


Module 2 discussion: Replenish

Wednesday 19 October 2022


Module 3 discussion: Restore

Wednesday 19 October 2022


Concluding discussion: Reconnect. Replenish. Restore.

  • Foundational ideas about mission and culture
  • The role and function ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ for human persons and communities.
  • What difference does the Catholic Intellectual tradition make? Why do human dignity the common good and the pursuit of knowledge matter to the mission of Catholic universities?
  • Authentic humanity and whole person care in the Catholic tradition. 

Through participating in this pilot, you will:

  • develop a critical understanding personal and communal reflection to enable organisational mission at ACU
  • analyse the challenges and opportunities of mission in faith-based organisations
  • demonstrate a critical personal understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions of mission in a faith-based organisation.
  • appraise the needs and opportunities for more effective mission engagement and alignment in your role at ACU.

Frequently asked questions

Participation is open to all continuing and fixed term staff of the university. Once the pilot is complete, and all confidential feedback processed, Reconnect. Replenish. Restore. will be extended to other members of the university community through 2022 and beyond.

You will have heard the phrase “all things grounded in mission” used right across ACU. It reminds us that mission is everybody’s business – it is intrinsic to all that we do and who we are as a university. While our roles may differ in scope and responsibility, none of us can achieve our mission alone, and indeed, all of us require good support and resourcing to enable ACU’s mission to flourish.

Reconnect. Replenish. Restore. has been carefully designed to offer staff quality time and resources through which to examine and explore the values at the heart of our mission. It is an open, inclusive offering, intended to stimulate and encourage staff capacity to engage ACU’s mission values.

We know that working in ways that acknowledge the values that motivate us and which allow us to find meaning and satisfaction in our employment is important to us as individuals. We also know that it makes our workplaces and working relationships healthier, stronger, and more vibrant.

Utilising a framework of mission literacy, the pilot and the wider ACU Mission programs, of which it is a part, are designed to offer processes and content that have been empirically demonstrated to support job satisfaction, as well personal and corporate wellbeing.

Mission literacy is simply another way of speaking about reflection on personal and corporate purpose. It is the task of the pilot and the broader staff formation initiatives of the university to deepen our capacity for dialogue on the unique character and identity of a Catholic university in Australia.

The opportunity to participate in the pilot carries no direct financial cost to you. Your nominated supervisor will need to approve your participation when you apply (see Q8 below). Participation in the pilot carries a time commitment, as detailed in Q5.

Participants should be prepared for a minimum time commitment of 50 hours across three months.

Where participants would like to complete the pilot for credit toward an academic program, the expected time commitment is 75 hours.

The pilot is designed to integrate with your daily workplace responsibilities. There is no requirement to undertake assessments; this aspect of the pilot is optional.

A D15 workload allocation (25 hours) will be applied for academic staff. Professional staff are encouraged to discuss the requirements of their participation in the pilot with their nominated supervisor.

Places are limited to 50.
All efforts will be made to ensure the initial cohort of 50 participants reflects a broad cross-section of the university community, including campus location, and the nature and level of employment.

Applications can be made through Staff Connect. You are encouraged to discuss your application with your supervisor prior to submission.

Should you or your supervisor wish to discuss any elements of the pilot, email missionprojects@acu.edu.au

You will be notified by e-mail on Monday 4 July 2022.
The pilot will run over a three-month period commencing 18 July and concluding Friday 21 October 2022.
Reconnect. Replenish. Restore. is anchored in the new Graduate Certificate in Mission and Culture offered by the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. The initial commitment of 75 hours will contribute towards the total volume of learning (150 hours) required for an academic unit.
Yes. With approval from their nominated supervisor, academic staff will receive a D15 workload allocation of 25 hours for participation in the pilot. Professional staff are encouraged to discuss the requirements of their participation with their nominated supervisor.
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