Australian Awards for University Teaching

The Australian Awards for University Teaching are external to ACU. They were established in 1997 by the Australian Government to celebrate and reward excellence in university teaching. They are now managed by Universities Australia through a team based at Swinburne University.

The standard of evidence required for any citation or award is very high. We recommend that you should be a successful applicant of an ACU citation or award before you apply for an AAUT citation or award.

There are 4 AAUT award types:

  1. Citations: Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (up to 100 citations across 7 subcategories, a maximum of 6 applicants per institution)
  2. Program Awards: Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning (up to 6 awards, one award in each of 6 subcategories, a maximum of 2 applicants per institution)
  3. Teaching Awards: Awards for Teaching Excellence (up to 7 awards, one award in each of 7 subcategories, a maximum of 3 applicants per institution)


  1. The Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year. (This premier university teaching award is given to one of the Teaching Award recipients with an exceptional record of advancing student learning, educational leadership and scholarly contribution to learning and teaching. You cannot apply for this award directly.)

How to apply

ACU staff interested in applying for national teaching awards are encouraged to look at the awards information on the Universities Australia site

ACU is an eligible institution, and so, nomination is open to you if you are an academic, general or sessional staff member (full-time or fractional, continuing or contract).

If you wish to apply for an AAUT, it is important that you understand that your application will go through several phases to obtain the necessary institutional endorsement.

Steps to submission

  1. LTC calls for nominations from Faculties each year. If you are nominated, download and complete the appropriate nomination form from the AAUT site, then email it to Awards and Grants, LTC as soon as possible. Leave the DVC (Academic) signature block blank, but complete all other sections.
  2. Draft your application. Seek peer review from others, such as the LTC, your own colleagues and/or past winners. Seek your referee reports. Get a digital photograph. If your nomination needs updating, do this too. Then email all these to Awards and no later than Monday 10 August 2020.
  3. LTC will check your application has been completed correctly, and circulate to an ACU panel for consideration.
  4. The Awards and Grants Committee will meet on Tuesday 25 August 2020 and decide whether your application will get institutional endorsement. If endorsed, you will be notified on or before 28 August 2020 and you may proceed to the next steps. LTC will notify AAUT of your formal nomination, which will now include the signature of the DVC (EI) or nominee.
  5. You have three weeks to finalise your application. Send to awards& in full for QA before Friday 18 September 2020.
  6. LTC will check your application meets AAUT’s requirements. If it does, it will be uploaded to AAUT on Tuesday 22 September 2020.

If you have any queries about AAUT applications, please email awards&

Past AAUT/OLT awards: Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (PDF, 149 KB)

Page last updated on 01/06/2020

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