A Tutor/marker is assigned the role of a 'lecturer' – this is a non-editing role

What can you do? Participate in activities, view, mark, grade student submissions, respond to forum postings, send messages to all students in a campus or tutorial group.

NOTE: What your responsibilities are will depend on the unit, study mode and the nature of your teaching role. Always check with your NLIC or LIC. The list below provides a overview of general tasks to consider..

Tasks Essential resources

Before you get started teaching or marking for a unit make sure you're familiar with the concept of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and what is LEO?

Tasks Essential resources

Add your profile picture
Review notifications and message settings

Tasks Essential resources

Ensure you have access to your unit

To access your current unit log into LEO and click on the 'Navigation' block.
Expand your 'My units'

NOTE: if you are unable to see your unit contact your LIC/NLIC or faculty contact view Getting help

Tasks Essential resources

It is the Tutor responsibility to:.

  • Review the ILOs (Intended Learning Outcomes) in the LEO unit.
  • Review the PDF of the approved EUO (Extended Unit Outline) in the LEO unit.

It is important for the Tutor to be familiar with the ILOs and assessment strategy for the unit.

NOTE: The LEO unit is open to students one week before the first day of the study period.

Tasks Essential resources

Ensure you have access to campus or tutorial groups as required

Tasks Essential resources

Communicate with students as required:

Tasks Essential resources

Review - LIVE LECTURES (for all components scheduled to auto record via Echo360 lecture capture.

NOTE: If you are unable to see a link to Lectures contact your LIC/NLIC

Tasks Essential resources

It is the Tutor of a unit responsibility to:

  • Review the assessment rationale in the LEO unit.
  • Review the LEO activity for each assessment task, including instructions and due dates.
  • Review the support resources for assessment tasks in the LEO unit.
Tasks Essential resources

Give feedback on student performance that is kind,helpful and specific.

NOTE: The rubric for each assessment task can be found in the EUO (Extended Unit Outline). The NLIC may also create online versions of the rubric for Turnitin Assignment and LEO Assignment activities.

Tasks Essential resources

Famliarise yourself with Grades

NOTE: Grades are automatically added into the Gradebook, however there may be some circumstances where grades are manually added. This will be determined by the NLIC or LIC of the unit.

Source: Adapted from the Roadmap Resources developed by the Faculty of Law and Business at ACU in 2017. Used with permission.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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