Exporting data

    Choice download options
  1. Navigate to your unit from within LEO.
  2. Click on the name of your Choice activity. On the page that opens you will be able to view a bar graph which displays all of the responses your Choice activity has collected. From here you are now able to click on a blue link at the right hand side of the pages, which will say 'View [X] responses'.
  3. From this page you can either select individual students you want to download the responses of, or you can click on 'Select all' to select all of the students in your LEO unit.
  4. You have four options available to you. You can either:
  • Delete (available in the dropdown under 'Choose an action') - this will delete the responses of all of the users you have selected
  • Download in ODS format
  • Download in Excel format
  • Download in text format

Clicking on any of the last three options will give you the option of either opening your chosen file type, or saving it to your device or computer.

Page last updated on 13/01/2020

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