To add an entry to a Database you need to:

  1. Click on the link to your Database activity
  2. Click on the 'Add entry' tab
  3. Enter content, make your selections, and/or upload content into the fields as appropriate
  4. Click on 'Save and view' to see what your Database entry looks like. Alternatively, click on 'Save and add another' to add another Database entry.

Once created

You have three options for your newly created Database entry, which are available to you via the buttons to the lower right of your Database entry. You can edit your entry (cog icon), delete your entry (cross icon), or upload your entry to your ePortfolio (arrow on a book icon or the blue 'Export to portfolio' button).

If you have enabled comments, you can view them by clicking on the 'Comments' link. The number in brackets represents the number of comments which have been left on this entry.

screenshot of the Administration block, which is now the Database administration blockWhen you are inside the Database activity, the Administration block becomes the Database administration block. The Database administration block is a way of accessing all of the administrative functionalities that the Database affords, including editing settings and fields, adding and editing templates, and importing and exporting entries.

Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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