The Duplicate feature enables you to quickly duplicate an activity or resource, making an exact copy of the item that you may then customise.

When duplicating resources or activities, all existing content and settings are copied across to the duplicate item, with some exceptions (see below).

How to duplicate an activity or resource

  1. In your LEO unit, turn the editing on.
  2. For the activity or resource you wish to duplicate, click the Edit link, then click the Duplicate option:
    The Duplicate link
  3. The duplicate item will be added to the unit directly below the one you duplicated. You may now edit the settings of the duplicate resource or activity.

What is not copied over to a duplicated item?

When copying any activities, all activity settings and resources are copied, however student data is not included in the duplicate. For example, if you duplicate an Assignment activity, the duplicate will contain none of the submissions made to the original Assignment activity.

Duplicated Quiz activities will not make copies of the questions used in the Quiz (both the original and duplicate will have include the same questions).

Duplicates of Turnitin Assignments will have their rubric or grading form detached. You will need to edit the settings of this assignment and attach the rubric or grading form again.

Duplicates of Announcements is possible however only news posted in the original Announcements will appear in the Latest Announcements block.

Page last updated on 26/10/2020

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