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Intelliboard reports are generated on-demand, in real-time, using live data from LEO. With these reports, you can view:

  • If you have inactive students in your LEO units.
  • How engaged students are in your LEO forums.
  • What time of day and which days of the week your students tend to access your units.
  • How much time your students spend viewing and interacting with your learning resources and activities and how often activities were accessed.

Intelliboard enables you to view reports in units where you have the Editing Lecturer role:

For more information about viewing reports and type, refer to LEO Guides: How to view Intelliboard reports

Intelliboard reports can be downloaded in Excel, PDF and CSV file formats. 

Please note:

  • LEO's database is extensive and reports may take from several seconds to a few minutes to generate.
  • Engagement of statistics (visits and time spent, for example) are only available from the first week of March, Semester 1 2021 onwards - ie, when Intelliboard was installed in LEO.

Intelliboard reports are only available to staff who are Editing Lecturers in LEO units. This applies to both Banner and Non-Banner units.

If you cannot see Intelliboard, this likely means you are not enrolled as an Editing Lecturer in any LEO unit, and instead may be enrolled as a Lecturer (which is typically analogous to "Tutor").

Some Intelliboard reports display very quickly while others take up to a minute to process. LEO's database is extremely large, and some reports that gather data from multiple areas of the database may take longer to process.

Other factors that increase processing time for Intelliboard reports include:

  • Large cohorts (or multiple cohorts) of students in your LEO unit.
  • Large reports that return more than hundreds of rows/results.
  • Complex reports (that may include graphs and other visualisations).

Intelliboard will take a long time to"open up" or start for the following reasons:

You are enrolled as Editing Lecturer in a very large number of LEO units

Your might have remained enrolled in your LEO units (including archived units) indefinitely. Although this may give you continued access to past units (including ones you no longer wish to access), Intelliboard will include data from those units while it is preparing to start for your account. To help speed up Intelliboard for yourself, you may contact LEO Support with a list of units you no longer wish to access, and ask them to unenroll you from these. 

You are an Editing Lecturer in several very large units - e.g., with hundreds of resources or activities, and over a thousand students.

National (multi-cohort) units will cause Intelliboard to take much longer to launch, and for any report within those types of units to be processed. In future, it may be best to run these as campus-based, single cohort LEO units.

LEO units with many "orphan" resources and activities. These resources and activities may have been added in past versions of the unit but kept hidden and not deleted in successive study periods, when teaching staff do their "rollovers". A clean up of these resources and activities will speed up Intelliboard's reports for these LEO units.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if Intelliboard takes a long time to start for you, it will still work. Once you can see the Intelliboard in LEO, the rest will work, with small reports quick to display and larger reports taking longer. 

Intelliboard takes some time to process a report and fades out the page temporarily to indicate that it is "in process...".

Please DO NOT navigate away from the report page or reload the web browser tab. Some reports just take time for Intelliboard to process, then display.

Page last updated on 26/10/2021

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