Important notice: The Adobe Connect service will be retired in 2021. We now recommend using Zoom instead. For more information please see LEO Guides: Transitioning from Adobe Connect to Zoom.

A Live Classroom (sometimes referred to as virtual classroom, webinar or web conference) allows real time communications in which multiple users can simultaneously interact with each other via the internet to conduct meetings and seminars, lead discussions, run presentations and demonstrations, and perform other functions.

Live classrooms allow students and teaching staff to communicate synchronously using features such as screen sharing, text chat, interactive whiteboards, application sharing, instant polling, emoticons, and breakout rooms. There are many reasons for adopting the technology in your teaching in either blended or online units, including:

  • enhanced interaction
  • engage actively from multiple locations
  • increased social presence
  • enhanced student learning
  • make recordings of meetings.

Using Adobe Connect for online classes or webinars

It is recommended that staff create and manage Adobe Connect meeting rooms inside a LEO unit using the External Tool activity, however you may also use the Adobe Connect web manager if you wish. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, which are outlined in the comparison table below.

Once an Adobe Connect session is running, the online interface is the same regardless of how you create a meeting room.

Getting started with Adobe Connect

Getting set up for Adobe Connect meetings - if you're going to host online classes, you should make sure you have the right hardware and software, and that your computer and internet connection are going to give you the best experience.

Create an Adobe Connect External Tool activity - follow this guide to create an External Tool activity and create meeting rooms in your LEO unit.

Learn how to run a live classroom - access resources to help you launch and facilitate an Adobe Connect meeting.

The External Tool method is the simplest way to use Adobe Connect for LEO units, however if you need more flexibility and have the time to learn, the Web Manager method may be more useful to you.

Adobe Connect External Tool activity

Adobe Connect Web Manager

Adobe Connect meeting rooms are created and managed inside LEO units using the External Tool activity, and accessed by students using the same activity link. Adobe Connect meeting rooms are created separately to LEO units using the Adobe Connect system, then accessed by participants using a URL link you provide to them manually.


  • a single link in unit to all meeting rooms
  • access to all recordings through LEO
  • students are automatically synced with the live classroom (granted access)
  • students can create their own online study rooms without lecturer intervention.


  • the same URL link can be used in multiple units
  • the same URL link can be used over multiple teaching periods (no need to create new rooms)
  • ability to invite and add guest speakers
  • links to meetings and recordings provided at discretion of the lecturer in charge.


  • students in a unit may access all meeting rooms as participants by default (no separate groups mode)
  • students may be able to watch recordings of other lecturers' content
  • External Tool must be setup again in new units.


  • creates multiple links in your unit, one for each separate room or recording
  • participants must be manually managed by the owner
  • Adobe Connect links needs to be made public for students to access.

LEO Guides:

LEO Guides:

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