Turnitin assignment dates

A 'Post date' is nominated when a Turnitin assignment is created. This is the date and time the grades/feedback will be released (posted) for students to see.

Grades and feedback are hidden from the students in the Turnitin assignment submission inbox and also via the Grades until this date.

If you have a large cohort of students where different campuses are required to complete assignments at different times, create a new Turnitin assignment for each campus, rather than using a single assignment.

The restrict access option in the Turnitin assignment settings will only hide the assignment in the unit. It is the post date that automatically releases the grade and feedback to the student. Even if the assignment is hidden they will be able to access it via Grades.

If the Grades are manually hidden in the Gradebook, this option will only be temporary and will revert back to the Turnitin assignment 'Post date' (or latest Post date in a Turnitin assignment with more than one part) within a short period of time.

The post date can be seen in the Submission Inbox tab

Turnitin assignment parts and post dates

A Turnitin assignment may have up to 5 parts.

A single file is submitted to each part. A part may have it's own start, due and post date. Based on the post date per part, student can view feedback and grades per part. However the Turnitin assignment is one single assignment. The final grade will not be released to students in the Gradebook until the last post-date in one or more of the parts.

The grades are displayed in the submission inbox on the 'Post date".

To view feedback, such as comments and rubrics, students must open their assignment through the originality report from the Turnitin submission inbox or the blue pencil icon.

The student view of the originality report will include general and individual comments in their assignment:

Example of instructor feedback in student view

Printing a hard copy

Alternatively students can print out a copy of the Grades and Feedback. Comments will appear in the last pages of the report,. The option to print a copy in the grey section of menu, indicated by a download arrow.

The download option in Feedback Studio

The "Student viewed paper" icon

When a student has viewed their paper an icon will appear in the submission inbox next to the Grade column.

Icon indicating student has viewed the paper
Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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