The Workshop activity in LEO facilitates peer assessment between groups of students. The students are able to submit their own piece of content which will be marked or reviewed by their peers. Similarly, they are able to assess or provide feedback on the work of their peers, and will be graded automatically on their peer assessment abilities.

The Workshop activity has a workflow made up of five steps or 'phases'. The teaching staff and students are able to interact with the Workshop activity differently depending on which phase the Workshop activity is up to, and what settings have been enabled. You can access the phases for your Workshop activity by clicking on the link from within your LEO unit.


1. Setup phase

The setup phase is the stage at which teaching staff (Editing lecturers) are able to edit the settings of the activity, change the grading strategy, and edit the assessment forms. During the setup phase the students are not expected to submit an assignment, or assess their peers' assignment.

2. Submission phase

The submission phase is the stage at which students are able to submit their own work. While you can leave a Workshop activity in the Submission phase indefinitely, you can edit the submission start and end date so that students are only able to submit an assignment for a particular window of time.

3. Assessment phase

This is the phase where the students are able to assess the assignments which have been allocated to them. Similar to the submission phase, access can be limited to a particular window of time.

4. Grading evaluation phase

This phase is when the final grades are calculated, and the feedback is provided to the authors of the submissions. Students are unable to edit either their original assignment submission, or edit the feedback or grade they have assigned to their peer's submissions. Staff are able to override the calculated grade at this stage if necessary. Staff are also able to 'publish' exemplar Workshop submissions at this stage, meaning they will be made available to all students and staff within the LEO unit to view in the 'Closed' phase.

5. Closed

When the Workshop activity is pushed into the closed phase, both of the original submission grade, and the peer-assessment grade, will be pushed into the LEO Gradebook.Students will be able to view their own submissions, their assessments of their peers' submissions, and all published assignment submissions.

How to progress the Workshop through the phases

You are able to progress the Workshop activity through each of its phases by clicking on the "switch phase" icon. This icon looks like a circle.


Under each of the phase columns is a list of tasks to be completed. In the screenshot above we can see that this Workshop activity is currently in the 'setup' phase. Green ticks indicate tasks associated with that phase which have been completed, and red crosses indicate tasks which have you to be completed. It is useful to monitor this list to ensure you are not progressing the Workshop activity through to the next phase without having completed all of the tasks associated with that phase.

Workshop submission reports

View will default to 'all participants' or select a group if your workshop activity is linked to a grouping and filter to see who has and has not submitted to a submissions phase.


Page last updated on 07/02/2021

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