Breakout rooms split your Zoom meeting into separate session allowing participants to work independently in groups for a specific task or activity. As a meeting host you can create breakout rooms automatically or manually to assign participants.

Breakout rooms can be used for small group discussion where one group member scribes and another reports back to the main meeting either verbally or via chat.

Preparing breakout rooms

  • Select the breakout rooms icon (host only)
  • Assign participants automatically or manually via room
  • Select create breakout rooms and view options ie set countdown time

Managing breakout rooms

  • Once a breakout room has started participants will be asked to join the meeting
  • Breakout rooms include audio, video, participants list and chat. Depending on settings set by the host they may also include share and annotate options.
  • Hosts and co-hosts can join individual breakout rooms and may be asked by students to offer assistance.

Ending breakout rooms

  • Broadcast message to all breakout rooms
  • Select 'end breakout rooms' to return all participants to the main meeting

Pre-assign breakout rooms

Visit the pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms page to learn more about how to pre-assign rooms.

Additional resources

View video on using breakout rooms in Zoom.


Page last updated on 06/08/2020

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