The balance between ease of access, and security, will depend on the size of your classes and perhaps the technical abilities of your students. We recommend starting with rooms that are relatively open to enable students to use Zoom with a minimum of difficulty. If you need to up the security, you are able to do that.

Some tips for security

Your Zoom meeting room settings can be changed by going to, logging in with your ACU login, and then going to Settings.

  • Under Chat, enable 'Prevent participants from saving chat'.
  • Disable File transfer to prevent digital virus sharing.
  • Enable Co-Host so you can assign colleagues to help moderate.
  • Under Who can share?, select 'Host Only'.
  • Disable 'Allow removed participants to rejoin' to prevent participants you removed from the meeting from re-entering.

Remind your students to use Netiquette when in an academic environment.

If you have problems with non-students accessing your tutorials or Zoombombing

If you run into issues, due to room links being published on social media or for any reason, you can up the security level.

  • Ensure rooms are password protected, especially your Personal Meeting Room.  Under  Meeting Password, select 'Require meeting password'. You can use the automatically generated password or replace it with something else. Store this password for sharing with your intended participants later on.
  • Under Meeting Options:
    • Uncheck 'Enable join before host' so participants cannot cause trouble before you arrive.
    • If 'Enable waiting room' is checked, then uncheck 'Enable join before host' so that participants cannot enter the waiting room before you arrive.
Page last updated on 23/07/2020

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