ACU is consolidating online videoconferencing for learning and teaching into Zoom and will be retiring Adobe Connect.

If you are and academic or professional staff member who uses Adobe Connect for teaching purposes, and/or is in charge of maintaining Adobe Connect recordings in LEO units, you will be required to make updates to your units. Please keep reading for more information.

From Monday, 1 February 2021:

  • You will no longer be able to create new Adobe Connect meetings using the external tool (LTI) in LEO.
  • You should not create new meetings in native Adobe Connect (Web Manager).
  • We recommend you use Zoom for new meetings. To learn more visit our LEO Guides for Zoom.

Until Thursday, 2 December 2021:

  • You will still be able to view and play Adobe Connect recordings in LEO units.
  • You may download Adobe Connect recordings that you wish to transfer to Echo 360 for teaching in LEO units or other personal uses.

After Thursday, 2 December 2021 all remaining Adobe Connect meeting rooms and recordings will be deleted and ACU's Adobe Connect server will be shut down.

In late January and early February 2021, we will run weekly drop-in sessions for teaching staff who may have questions about the process.

What should I use for online classrooms and meetings now?

All ACU staff have access to the videoconferencing tool Zoom for online classrooms, workshops and webinars. Staff may also run meetings with ACU colleagues in Zoom, or use Microsoft Teams if they wish.

Zoom meetings may be recorded and stored locally or in cloud storage to use as required. When saved to the "cloud", recordings are automatically uploaded to Echo360. All staff also have access to Echo360 to manage and share recordings.

What will happen to my existing Adobe Connect recordings?

All existing recordings will be available to download from Adobe Connect until 2 December 2021. Before this date, you should download any recordings you wish to keep and upload them into Echo360, where you may store these recordings to use in LEO units and for other purposes in the future. See below for more information.

What about Adobe Connect recordings in my LEO units?

As part of the transition, staff will be required to update their LEO units to remove any Adobe Connect recording links and replace them with the Echo360 version.

Adobe Connect recordings currently being linked to from LEO units or elsewhere will continue to function until Adobe Connect becomes unavailable on 2 December 2021, however we encourage staff to replace required recordings as soon as possible.

How long will I be able to use Adobe Connect for?

No new Adobe Connect meeting rooms will be able to be created in LEO using the External Tool from 1 February 2021. For Summer 2021 units staff may continue to use Adobe Connect for teaching if they wish, however Semester 1, 2021 units and beyond will be required to use Zoom instead.

Existing recordings will be accessible to play and download until the shutdown date 2 December 2021.

How do Zoom and Echo360 replace the functions of Adobe Connect?

Online classrooms, meetings and webinars

Zoom allows for most of the functions of Adobe Connect, such as video, audio and text chat, screen and document sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, polls, plus participant management options. Zoom is also a more stable and user-friendly tool for staff and students.

Other functions, such as many of the other "pods" available in Adobe Connect are not available in Zoom. The layout of Zoom can also not be customised in the way Adobe Connect can.

Recordings and storage

Zoom meetings can be recorded and saved to your local computer or online in "cloud" storage. Recordings saved to the cloud are automatically uploaded to Echo360, where they can be accessed and shared indefinitely.

Use in LEO units

Meeting links in Zoom can be added into LEO units using the URL tool. Recordings can be linked to or embedded in LEO units using the Echo360 link, which users may create in their Echo360 library or using the Add Echo360 Media button in the LEO text editor.

How do I move my Adobe Connect recordings to Echo360?

How do I use Zoom?

The following guides can show you how to access Zoom and make use of its features:

How do I use Echo360?

The following guides can show you how to access Echo360 and make use of its features:

You can provide these links to your students that explains how to upload and submit a video assignment in LEO:

Will there be any PD or training for using Zoom and Echo360?

Yes, online webinars and drop-in sessions will begin in January 2021. View details of upcoming sessions on the Teaching online workshops and drop-ins page.

Please keep an eye on the Staff Bulletin, ACU Workplace and Staff Notices on the LEO home page for schedule sessions.

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