ACU is consolidating streaming video services for LEO into Echo360 and will be retiring Kaltura.

If you are an academic or professional staff member in charge of maintaining video content in LEO and have been using Kaltura, you will need to make updates to your units. Please keep reading for more information.

From Tuesday, 5 January 2021:

  • You will no longer be able to upload new videos to Kaltura.
  • You will no longer be able to record and upload new screen captures to Kaltura.
  • We recommend you use Echo 360 for new video uploads and screen recordings. To learn more visit our LEO Guides for Echo 360.

Until 30 September 2021:

  • You will still be able to view and play Kaltura media in LEO units.
  • You may download Kaltura media that you wish to use for teaching in LEO units or other personal uses.

After 30 September 2021 all remaining Kaltura media will be deleted and ACU's Kaltura server will be shut down.

In late January and early February 2021, we will run weekly drop-in sessions for teaching staff who may have questions about the process.

What video streaming platform should I use now?

ACU's lecture capture system Echo360 will be used to replace all the existing functions of Kaltura for media creation, hosting, streaming and use of video in LEO units for staff and students.

Using your personal Echo360 library you can upload media, edit and share content with students in your units or with your ACU colleagues. These features can be used independently or in conjunction with the automatic lecture capture functions provided by Echo360.

What will happen to my existing Kaltura media?

Staff-owned Kaltura media has now been transferred to Echo360, where it will be available in your personal Echo360 library. In the event of a video having not been transferred, you may download your Kaltura videos from LEO and upload these videos to Echo360 manually. You will also be required to replace your Kaltura media with Echo360 media in LEO units.

Student-owned Kaltura media will NOT be transferred to Echo360 automatically, but will remain accessible through LEO until the shutdown date 30 September 2021, after which it will be deleted. Students who wish to save a copy of their videos may download their Kaltura media before this date.

What about Kaltura content in my LEO units?

As part of the transition, staff will need to update their LEO units to remove any Kaltura media and replace it with the Echo360 version. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please see LEO Guides: Replacing your Kaltura media with Echo360 media.

Until 30 September 2021 both versions will be available to view, so staff will have until this date to complete their unit updates before the Kaltura content becomes unavailable.

Only Kaltura media for staff accounts will be transferred to Echo360. Students can download their own media from Kaltura until the shutdown date if they wish to keep it.

How does Echo360 replace the functions of Kaltura?

Media storage and streaming

In Echo360, staff and students have access to their personal library of media. This library is accessed through the Echo360 website or through LEO, and the functions provided are similar to My Media in LEO.

Software to create new recordings

Users may now use Echo360 Universal Capture to create recordings, which are uploaded to their library in Echo360. This software is similar in function to the Kaltura Capture software, and is capable of screen, webcam and audio recording.

Media management

In their Echo360 Library, users can edit media, create links to media, share with a single user or a group of users, and access data analytics. Other features, such as interactive video, will also be available.

Using media in LEO units

Echo360 media can be linked to or embedded in LEO units using the "Add Echo360 Media" button in the text editor or using link/embed code generated in the Echo360 library using the "Share" function.

Video assignments

Assignments that previously required students to embed a video into the Online Text option in the Assignment activity will require students to use Echo360. This process will be almost identical, as students will now be able to use the "Add Echo360 Media" button in a similar way to the "Add Kaltura Media" button. Please note this new embed function will be available from 9 January 2021 after the LEO 3.9 upgrade is complete.

Other uses

Staff using video media on other ACU domains, such as Workplace or the ACU website, may link to or embed Echo360 media in these sites in a similar way to YouTube or Kaltura.

Students may also upload media to their own Echo360 library for use in other ways, such as presentations, forum posts, or for reflective journals of their experiences in their ePortfolio.

How do I use Echo360?

The following guides can show you how to access Echo360 and make use of its features:

If you have students who will be using Echo360 and submitting video assignments, you can provide these links to your students that explains how to use Echo360:

Will there be any PD or training for using Echo360?

Yes, online webinars and drop-in sessions will begin in January 2021. View details of upcoming sessions on the Teaching online workshops and drop-ins page.

Please keep an eye on the Staff Bulletin, ACU Workplace and Staff Notices on the LEO home page for scheduled sessions.

Page last updated on 27/01/2021

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