If you use icons within your LEO content to highlight areas where your students should perform certain activities, such as read, write, discuss, reflect or present; we provide a set of icons to keep the student experience consistent across units and the student portal.

Download the standard set of icons (ZIP, 35.65 KB)

Download the additional icon set (ZIP 104.12 KB)

The icons are in the .SVG format which means they can be resized without a loss of quality, however, if they are used to highlight headings, keep them at the current 50 pixels width.

Below is the list of icons including their intended use and the corresponding filename. There are an additional set of icons available but use the ones below where possible first.
  • Read (icon-read.svg)
  • Write (icon-write.svg)
  • Watch (icon-watch.svg)
  • Listen (icon-listen.svg)
  • Reflect (icon-reflect.svg)
  • Discuss (icon-discuss.svg)
  • Peer review (icon-peer.svg)
  • Oral presentation/Record (icon-oral.svg)
  • Present (icon-present.svg)
  • Assess (icon-assess.svg)
  • Activity - generic (icon-activity.svg)
  • Flag/Required/Important (icon-flag.svg)
  • Extend/Additional content (icon-extend.svg)
  • Group (icon-group.svg)
  • Timed (icon-timed.svg)
  • Announce (icon-announce.svg)
  • Calendar (icon-calendar.svg)
  • Quiz (icon-quiz.svg)
  • Lecture (icon-lecture.svg)
  • Tutorial (icon-tutorial.svg)
  • Clinical (icon-clinical.svg)
  • Document - including unit outline (icon-document.svg)
  • Information (icon-information.svg)
  • Question (icon-question.svg)
  • Overview (icon-overview.svg)
  • References (icon-references.svg)
  • Online seminar/webinar/tutorial (icon-online.svg)
  • Study (icon-study.svg)
Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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