FAQs related to Zoom

You can follow these guides to add a link to your Zoom meeting room in your LEO unit.
For now, 50 participants or less, seems to be the "magic number". The meeting can technically cater for 300 per meeting, but quality degrades at higher numbers.
Yes, especially if the subject matter is still relevant. You might need to instruct your students to ignore announcements or comments specific to that year's delivery.
At this stage, we do not recommend running big (more than 50 participants) live lectures in Zoom. Large Zoom sessions will likely have degraded experiences for students and staff (incl. "frozen video streams" and audio issues). Alternatives may include recording your "lecture" on your desktop with no audience using Zoom, Echo360 Universal Capture, or a video recording technology of your choice, then publishing that video in your LEO unit via Echo360 or Kaltura.
Go to bottom left hand corner of the page, click on microphone or video camera icon and a line will go through the icon muted.
No, Zoom does not work with groups in LEO. You can create a separate meeting room for each group, or use breakout rooms in the meeting room to separate the groups.
Recordings are available to view in the Zoom app or when logged into the Zoom website. Cloud recordings are also uploaded to your Echo360 library.
A single meeting room can have up to 300 participants, but the system performance is ideal with less that 50 people at a time.
Yes. You can choose to save your recording to your computer, after which you may upload it to Echo360, Kaltura or an online storage method of your choice.
Recordings saved to your computer or the cloud will be available when they're finished processing. The time needed to process them depends on the length of the recording, which may be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

Recordings saved to the cloud will be available to view in the Zoom app or through the Zoom website. Additionally, they will automatically be uploaded to your Echo360 library. Cloud recordings will be removed after a certain amount of time, whereas the Echo360 version will remain in your library indefinitely.

FAQs related to communicating online

A Forum is a discussion tool which facilitates asynchronous discussions. Please see more info at LEO Guides: Forum

Recordings include presented material, voice, discussion
we can use a photo/image from a book, it is a 113P activity, so it should go into Leganto so it can be reported. Should also have a reference.

Please send me an email if you need to set up groups and groupings in national units for managing multiple tutors Zoom rooms - Rupert Russell


How to use video in LEO units - technical options and tips for video. Please refer to the timetable for workshops and virtual drop-ins.

Please click this link and scroll down to the timetable. Recordings will be posted against sessions as they become available in 24-48 hrs.
Please send an email to Rupert Russell at rupert.russell@acu.edu.au
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