Sub services

  • Perform capital and operational planning and budgeting, variance analysis, update state and federal budget, model student load, manage budget and financial delegations and approvals, including with relation to the University Research Investment Fund.
  • Perform cost accounting and analysis, prepare finance (inclusive of salaries) based management reporting for use by senior management and executive groups.
  • Perform financial modelling/evaluation of outsourcing options, scenario modelling; undertake Post Implementation Reviews.
  • Facilitate compliance with Commercial Activities Guidelines of the University.
  • Perform all activities associated with initiating, collecting and compiling relevant project costing and accounting information, monitoring, reporting and completion of project accounting.
  • Prepare periodic reporting for external party use. Completion of returns as required.
  • Maintain Chart of Accounts (COA), process and reconcile journal entry.
  • Manage short term liquidity, medium- and long-term funding requirements, cash flow forecasting and reporting. Manage investment portfolio performance, assess financial risk including foreign currency and interest rates.
  • Manage relationships with banks and financial service providers and treasury support for business planning including risk assessments.
  • Analyse new initiatives and existing operations to improve funding and operational efficiencies.
  • Provide specialist corporate finance advice on University-wide initiatives regarding the evaluation of commercial activities ranging from major property development initiatives, "lease vs. buy" decision of assets - motor vehicles, computer equipment.
  • Debt management including bond issuance.
  • Raise invoices and departmental receipt, manage revenue collection points, map revenue between core systems i.e. student fees, manage and collect credit, bank reconciliations and student loans.
  • Oversee the University's compliance with taxation and insurance obligations.
  • Develop, maintain and manage Assets frameworks, Financial Asset register, manage financial equipment "lease v buy".
  • Process payments, approve expense, reconcile purchase card, reporting and payment.
  • Develop and implement policy and procedures. Perform finance transactional compliance testing.
  • Prepare and deliver University-wide finance education and training.
  • Develop policies, procedures and related documentation that govern how Procurement, including sourcing and contracting, is to be conducted across ACU.
  • Utilise systems that ensure governance related documentation is maintained in a Safe, Secure and Accessible manner. Advise on, and assess whether, procurement activities are being, or have been, conducted in accordance with the approved protocols.
  • Interact directly with suppliers, as appropriate, to determine whether supplier behaviour meets the requirements of ACU. Set minimum standards for Suppliers of Goods and Services and, where appropriate, the Goods and Services they provide.
  • Establish a process for measuring savings performance related to procurement activities.
  • Represent ACU in dealings with third parties on procurement initiatives.
  • Establish, and provide guidance on, the minimum requirements for sourcing and supplier selection. Identify and validate suppliers in accordance with the defined framework.
  • Establish the minimum standards for Supplier Relationship Management, including formal contract management activities. Develop the classification system of supplier categorisation and performance status, including preferred supplier status.
  • Monitor supplier performance and to determine whether supplier behaviour and supplier relationship management activities meet the requirements of ACU.
  • Provide guidance on, assist with negotiations on or be members of teams for, where appropriate, specific Sourcing Projects and Contract Management activities.
    Identify, or in conjunction with others identify, areas of opportunity for sourcing projects and savings across ACU.
  • Advise on the system and performance requirements of the Procure-To-Pay process as it relates to Procurement with the aim of improving ease-of-use and compliance.
  • Generate spend analysis data across ACU with respect to types of items being purchased and the volume of purchases with respect to quantity and cost.
  • Ensure all suppliers to ACU are categorised and performance status established.
  • Raise and approve requisitions for goods and services (including travel and visa application).
  • Business ownership of the financial system platform.
  • Provide adequate financial systems to deliver on the other services required in Finance and Procurement Service Catalogue.
  • Develop the expenses management strategy.
  • Define, monitor and manage related systems, processes and procedures.
  • Submit or approve expense claims using the defined expenses management system or otherwise. Process local expenses and manage petty cash.
Page last updated on 13/02/2023

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