Our Service Commitments

Collaborative Approach

We commit to working collaboratively with organisational units and to understand our clients. We will:

  • Build effective internal working relationships.
  • Lead and contribute to cross unit collaboration on a range of strategic projects.
  • Recognise and draw upon skills and capabilities across the University.


We aim to provide a service to our clients with the highest level of professionalism. We will:

  • Provide quality, consistent and accurate advice in line with University policies, Code of Conduct and relevant industrial instruments and legislation.
  • Model professional behaviour in all areas of work.
  • Develop our skills and capabilities to continually improve our services, support the strategic objectives of the University and better understand client HR needs.


We aim to actively meet our client’s expectations through timely responses and continuous communication. We will:

  • Provide timely acknowledgment of an individual client enquiry, usually within 48 hours of an enquiry being received within HR.
  • Provide continuous communication when further clarification or follow up is required within or outside of HR.
  • Advise our clients of expected timeframes and any delays.


We aim to communicate with our clients in a clear, concise and transparent form. We will:

  • Communicate in a language free of jargon and appropriate to our client base.
  • Provide advice and information that is accurate, consistent and relevant.
  • Outline the rationale for our recommendations and the associated risks.
  • Communicate when an enquiry is referred to another area of the University.
  • Communicate regularly with our internal clients through a range of channels.


We aim to provide services to our clients with the highest level of confidentiality. We will:

  • Operate within the framework provided in relevant privacy legislation.
  • Foster an environment that values and respects confidentiality.
  • Identify the confidentiality requirements and communicate these to our clients.

How can you help us

In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we ask that as our clients, you:

  • Provide us with complete, honest, accurate and timely information;
  • Be open and honest in your dealings with us;
  • Contact us as early as possible about an issue, keep us informed at each stage and notify us if circumstances have changed;
  • Allow us sufficient time to respond to your requests;
  • Be aware that we may be dealing with a high number of queries or issues, particularly at peak times;
  • Maintain a mutual relationship with courtesy and respect;
  • Comply with the relevant legislation and the appropriate timeframes;
  • Understand your responsibility to operate within the framework provided in the relevant privacy legislation;
  • Support us to be efficient in responding to your query by using the same point of contact in HR for any issues relating to that query;
  • Provide us with constructive feedback to improve our HR services.


Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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