We’re taking action to:

Recruit the best people with the right skills and values alignment and who feel ‘at home’ at ACU
  • Support hiring supervisors to develop and enhance selection skills.
  • Develop sector best-practice processes and interfaces to ensure institutional competitiveness.
  • Enhance the ‘candidate’s experience’ of ACU’s recruitment process.
  • Support the mobilisation of ACU’s Workforce Profile through faculty recruitment.
Leverage the unique strengths of ACU as a Catholic university in recruitment
  • Develop ACU’s employer brand to better leverage our mission and distinct Catholic character.
  • Implement the Domus online program, which explains a Catholic university to candidates.
Develop ACU’s next Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Plan
  • Advance our capacity to recruit and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff through the development of ACU’s next Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Plan.
Page last updated on 04/10/2022

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