We’re taking action to:

Enhance staff communication and listening mechanisms
  • Optimise ACU’s approach to staff communication to support improving levels of workforce engagement.
  • Consider and implement contemporary models for listening to staff.
Consider the current and future attributes of active and vibrant workplaces at ACU
  • Evolve ACU’s ways of working to balance staff expectations for flexibility with place-based working.
Provide staff feedback and HR data to support decisions and build engaged teams
  • Provide more regular and timely staff feedback data to supervisors.
  • Develop a critical HR metrics ‘dashboard’.
  • Explore the opportunity to integrate HR data into ACU’s Data Hub.
Curate a ‘fit for purpose’ set of contemporary people policies and supporting practices
  • Audit people policies for opportunities to modernise, simplify and reduce number and complexity.
  • Ensure people policies and practices meet compliance and legislative requirements, eg wage trust, modern slavery.
Identify and remove barriers to getting work done to free up staff to focus on what matters
  • Consider HR systems and processes to improve efficiency and support ‘best work’, including modification or simplification of processes and systems architecture as needed.
Page last updated on 04/10/2022

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