Internal communication platform Workplace was introduced in 2017 to enhance the way staff connect, communicate and collaborate.

The platform was introduced after the myVoice survey identified communication as a key area for improvement across ACU.

ACU’s Library Directorate has used Workplace to drive improved cooperation, communication and collaboration across its teams.

Following the 2017 myVoice survey the directorate developed an action plan which included improving communication and collaboration.

By using a closed Workplace group the directorate has enhanced how team members connect and communicate with each other.

“Library staff know that Workplace is the first place to go to keep-up-to-date, access opportunities and stay informed,” Director of Libraries Fides Lawton said.

“We have streamlined our internal communications by reducing email and retiring our staff blog.”

The closed Library Directorate group is regularly among the most active groups on the platform. In the past three months some 80% of Library Directorate staff have been active in the group.

The Library Directorate uses its Workplace group to more easily and quickly share information, collaborate on ideas and initiatives and celebrate successes. Likewise, it’s helped the geographically-dispersed team to connect.

“It’s become our place to share good news and photos with each other, helping us all to feel more connected,” Ms Lawton said.

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Page last updated on 23/01/2020

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