All of the processes below will provide mechanisms for issues to be raised and opportunities to respond to allegations.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms

There are various alternative mechanisms that can be used to achieve informal resolution of workplace issues, including bullying complaints. It is up to the discretion of the grievance receiver (such as the nominated supervisor or the next most senior manager) to review the circumstances and determine the most appropriate process to help resolve the issue locally. However, all such alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are voluntary and are subject to agreement by the parties concerned to participate.

Understand Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Formal complaints

Wherever it is possible and safe, you should first attempt to resolve the complaint informally at the local and lowest possible level, prior to lodging a formal complaint. There are also instances where a workplace issue is of such a serious nature that formal action is required in the first instance, regardless of the staff member’s preference.

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Responding to a complaint raised about you

If a colleague raises a concern about you, it is important that you remain calm throughout the process and respond in a way that you would like to be responded to if you were making the complaint.

Read ways you should respond to a complaint

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