Staff that maintain and use hazardous chemicals maintain ACU’s safe campuses by assessing and manage the risks which are associated with these substances.

They perform tasks such as:

  • Regularly updating chemical registers, within Chemwatch, and downloading and placing hard copy registers in accessible areas;
  • Assessing and managing WHS risks in collaboration with relevant staff;
  • Ensuring that safe work instructions are understood and applied by staff and students;
  • Labelling chemicals, in alignment with the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) of classification and labelling of chemicals; and
  • Collaborating with Properties and Facilities staff to ensure that appropriate signage is displayed.

WHS inspections (MS Word Document, 50.1 KB) of laboratories and chemical storage areas are conducted at least every three to six months, to identify and resolve a range of hazards.  Issues are also identified through ‘walk arounds’ and audits, and good housekeeping is maintained.

Risks are also formally assessed using one of ACU’s WHS Risk Assessment Forms or the Chemwatch Risk Management Module. These assessments inform many of the safe work procedures or instructions that are developed.

WHS Risk Assessment Forms are used to assess and develop treatments to manage the risks which are associated with categories of hazardous chemicals, emergency responses and general laboratory risks. The Chemwatch Risk Management Module is used to assess and help manage health and Australian Dangerous Goods risks that are associated with specific hazardous substances.

Access Chemwatch

Staff and students can view all of the University’s chemical registers. Find out more about login details for Chemwatch to view SDSs, emergency and other relevant information.


Page last updated on 18/02/2020

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