C - On Campus (was attendance)

Most learning activities or classes are delivered at a scheduled time, on campus or approved ACU delivery site, to enable in-person interactions. Activities will appear in a student’s timetable.

M - Multi-mode

Learning activities are delivered through a planned mix of online and in-person classes, which may include full-day sessions and/or placements, to enable interaction. Activities that require attendance will appear in a student’s timetable.

OU - Online unscheduled (replaces 7 – Online)

Learning activities are accessible anytime, anywhere. These units are normally delivered fully online and will not appear in a student’s timetable.

OS – Online scheduled (new)

All class activities are held online, at scheduled times, and will require some attendance to enable online interaction. Activities will appear in a student’s timetable.

Page last updated on 19/05/2022

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