About the Session

Creating Respectful Workplaces is aMotivating Action Through Empowerment (MATE) gender-basedviolence prevention program developed by Griffith University andfacilitatedby accredited ACU staff.

MATE is a leadership focused primary prevention program that aims to make the complicated and diverse issues of violence accessible to the general population by engaging participants in discussion about abusive behaviourandthe ways we create a culture that nurtures gender inequality.

Creating Respectful Workplaceschallengespeople to think about and understand why they think the way they do and challenge them to consider the impact of those deeply entrenched belief systems.The sessionfacilitatesan open andhonest discussion about issues that most participants have rarely discussed in a safe, educational setting.This workshop is an extension of the IntroductiontoBystander Awarenessthat goes further into intention vs impact and theimportance of 'being someone who does something' and the consequences when wedon'tintervene.

Ultimately,thesession sets outmotivate and empower people with the skills to make a real difference in their communities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understandtheroot attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that normalise violence against women, inequality, racism, discrimination and bullying within oursociety.
  • Build on your understandingof yourown hesitations inintervening.
  • Understandingdifferent waysof intervening and recognising that intervening does not always need to consist of getting directlyinvolved.

Who is this session for?

All Staff


Accredited ACU staff


9 April 2024


10am to 2:30pm

Delivery Mode

Virtual via Webinar

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