At ACU, we are proud to support the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, aiming to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone on our campuses. We encourage our staff to engage with this important initiative by completing the training available on ACUHub. For those who wish to learn more about the program, we've compiled essential information and addressed some common misconceptions below.

Much of the information provided here has been drawn from the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program's official insights page, where you can discover more facts and insights.

Discover the Facts about the Sunflower

  • Do I need to disclose my disability to get a Sunflower lanyard?

No, there's no need to disclose your disability. The Sunflower lanyard is a voluntary symbol indicating that you may need additional support, without specifying the nature of your disability.

  • Do I need to explain why I am wearing the Sunflower lanyard to get support?

No explanation is necessary. Wearing the Sunflower lanyard signals to others that you might need extra help or more time, inviting the simple question: "How can I help you?"

  • Do I have to wear the Sunflower lanyard all the time?

It's your choice when to wear the Sunflower. Hidden disabilities can vary, so carry the lanyard with you and wear it when you feel you need to signal for additional support.

  • Do I have to share what my disability is to justify the support I need?

No, there's no requirement to disclose the nature of your disability to receive support. The Sunflower lanyard is a sign that you may need additional assistance.

  • Can I wear the Sunflower lanyard if I don't have a hidden disability?

To show support, opt for the 'I support the Sunflower' range instead of the traditional green Sunflower lanyard. This range is designed for allies who wish to show their understanding and support.

  • Do I have to pay for a Sunflower lanyard?

Sunflower lanyards are available for free from Sunflower Members. They are not for resale, and many businesses offer them at no cost to individuals who choose to wear them.

  • Is the Sunflower lanyard only used in airports?

The Sunflower lanyard is recognized across various sectors, not just in airports. It's used in retail, education, healthcare, transportation, and more, signalling a global network of support.

  • Can any business be Sunflower-friendly?

Only businesses that subscribe as Sunflower Members and commit to training their staff on the program are officially Sunflower-friendly. This ensures a broad understanding of hidden disabilities and confidence in offering support.

For additional information and resources on the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program, please visit the official HDSunflower website.

Sunflower Champions at ACU

ACU is proud to announce that over 50 staff members have stepped forward as Sunflower Champions, committed to supporting individuals with hidden disabilities. Our Sunflower Champions are easily identifiable by their distinctive white and green Sunflower Champion lanyards, symbolizing their readiness to provide assistance, understanding, and support.

Who Are Our Sunflower Champions?

Sunflower Champions are a dedicated group of ACU staff members who have undergone specific training to understand the needs of individuals with hidden disabilities better. They play a vital role in our community, ensuring that every individual feels seen, supported, and valued.

What Do Sunflower Champions Do?

Sunflower Champions are here to:

  • Offer extra support and assistance to individuals wearing the Sunflower lanyard.
  • Promote an inclusive and empathetic campus environment.
  • Act as a point of contact for anyone seeking information or support related to hidden disabilities.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Program is integral to ACU's mission of fostering an inclusive environment. The commitment of our Sunflower Champions is central to this mission, enhancing the sense of community and support across all ACU campuses.

Our Sunflower Champions are making ACU a more welcoming place for everyone. We are immensely grateful for their dedication and the positive impact they have on our community.

Page last updated on 16/02/2024

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