ACU Child Care Referral Service


ACU has partnered with Care Corporate/ Care for Kids to assist staff with sourcing suitable child care using a search and reporting tool called Child Care Vacancy Alert Pro.

Child Care Vacancy Alert Pro

Child Care Vacancy Alert Pro delivers real-time information about child care vacancies in your area straight to your inbox.  

This video explains how it works.

When you subscribe to the ACU Child Care Referral Service, you will receive:

  • A detailed report of the services with current vacancies in your area including contact information.  This report provides exact vacancy matches and information about alternative care options you may not have considered.
  • Emailed alerts when a child care vacancy becomes available in your nominated area.
  • A monthly progress report that helps you keep track of vacancy alerts and consider other care alternatives if required.

To access the ACU Child Care Referral Service

- Sign up with Care Corporate/ Care for Kids to register your child care needs.

- Use the code MY-ACU-BENEFITS at the checkout.

Contacts to assist you

Care Corporate/ Care for Kids - for help with the Child Care Referral Service -

ACU Human Resources - visit Service Central for information about parental leave and related ACU processes

You can provide feedback about the ACU Child Care Referral Service by submitting a general enquiry in Service Central.


ACU Child Care Referral Service Fact Sheet (PDF, 2.2KB)

ACU Supporting Parents Information Kit (PDF, 1.6KB)

Care for Kids information and checklists for working parents

Childcare Finder - Australian government website

Access EAP Employee Assistance Program

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