Learning about HELTA

The objectives of HELTA are achieved through the discovery of new knowledge that improves learning and teaching, integration of diverse perspectives that advance higher education practices and the application of knowledge to the benefit of the higher education community.

The Academy is committed to nurturing empowered and engaged educators who, in turn, are well-equipped and inspired to improve student learning experiences and outcomes.

HELTA is able to leverage the wealth of resources and expertise available within CEI. This strategic alignment enhances its ability to fulfill its mission. It also fosters collaboration and synergy with other initiatives and projects to enrich the sector.

What we're interested in

Teaching Excellence and Recognition

We aim to address the undervaluation of teaching in higher education by promoting the recognition of excellence in teaching. Our focus is on developing strategies and support mechanisms that elevate the value of teaching, resulting in an improved student experience and the production of graduates equipped to address critical societal challenges.


Future-Focused Education

We strive to address current and future issues in higher education. Our goal is to equip higher education institutes with the necessary tools and frameworks to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of communities. By fostering a forward-looking approach, we prepare students and communities for future challenges and opportunities.


Collaboration and Partnerships

We aim to break down the silos within higher education institutions by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and fostering strong connections with communities and industries. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration across disciplines and fostering partnerships with external stakeholders, we create a more integrated and responsive higher education ecosystem that aligns with the needs and shifts of society.


How we do it

Application of knowledge

We translate our generated knowledge into practical strategies and practices. Through partnerships with industry and communities, we implement solutions that address current and future needs, driving positive change and making a tangible impact on society.


Discovery of new knowledge

We actively pursue research, exploration, and experimentation to uncover fresh insights and theories. Our goal is to advance understanding, address societal challenges that affect student learning, enhance the student experience, and provide valuable insights for decision-making.


Integration of diverse perspectives

We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and stakeholders come together. By combining unique insights, experiences, and expertise, we drive innovation, develop comprehensive solutions, and gain a deeper understanding of complex issues.


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HELTA is a place where passionate educators, researchers, administrators and students can elevate higher education teaching through the discovery, application and integration of new knowledge. There are a wealth of opportunities that arise from becoming an affiliate of HELTA including connection with colleagues, resources and opportunities in their field of practice, showcasing work and publications, facilitating professional learning opportunities, career progression and recognition and providing mentorship.

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Find your MATCH!

The Mentoring for Academics in Teaching programme allows staff to find a mentor in the teaching and learning space who is aligned with their interests, expertise, career ambitions and aspirations. Explore more.
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