Terms of Reference

  • To undertake activities related to the approval, review, amendment, suspension and discontinuation of courses awarded by the Australian Catholic University
  • To propose guidelines for and monitor course reviews and revisions conducted by the Faculties
  • To scrutinise the external benchmarking of ACU’s curriculum arising from cyclical course reviews
  • To advise Academic Board on internal benchmarks and performance measures related to all aspects of academic standards and to oversee the implementation of internal benchmarks and quality improvement and assurance measures
  • To monitor and scrutinise faculty-based monitoring of quality matters related to course design, staffing sufficiency and expertise, learning resources, and learning outcomes and assessment in all courses awarded by the University including those taught under third-party arrangements
  • To oversee the implementation and evaluation of the quality assurance processes for the full lifecycle of courses within the University


  • Chair, appointed by Chair of Academic Board from the Level D and E elected, appointed and ex officio members of the Academic Board and/or CAQC.
  • Chair, Academic Board
  • Executive Dean or Deputy Dean or Associate Dean Learning and Teaching from each Faculty, as determined by the relevant Executive Dean
  • One academic staff member from each faculty appointed by the respective Executive Dean
  • One academic staff member from each faculty appointed by the Chair of Academic Board following an expression of interest process
  • Up to two student representatives to be nominated by Director, Student Support Services
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global and Education Pathways or nominee
  • Vice President or nominee
  • Academic Registrar or nominee
  • Director, Digital Education or nominee
  • Director, Centre for Education and Innovation or nominee
  • Director, First Peoples or nominee
  • Director, Data Analytics and Strategic Insights or nominee

Appointed academic staff members will normally serve on the committee for a two-year term. Student representatives will be appointed for a one-year term. Only half the appointed representatives should be changed in any one year to allow continuity.

Schedule of Meetings

  • Minimum of 6 times a year and as required
  • The Committee may form working groups to assist it in its work. If such groups are formed, Academic Board is to be informed.
  • The Committee has the power to approve motions by Circular Resolution.
  • Quorum is half the membership including at least one Academic Representative from each Faculty.
  • that Faculty representatives and course review chairs who are not members of the Committee attend as required to present new course proposals and course reviews to the Committee.


The Committee reviews its Terms of References as it deems necessary or as requested by the Chair of Academic Board and recommends amendments to Academic Board for approval. Committee Membership will be reviewed annually. The Terms of Reference and membership were last reviewed in April 2023.

Responsible Officer: Chair of Academic Board


Page last updated on 06/01/2021

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