Office of General Counsel (OGC)

Advocating Integrity and Providing Independent Legal Support

OGC works closely with you to ensure adherence to the law, and to safeguard ACU and to protect its interests. In navigating complex legal landscapes and providing you with advice, the OGC is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and accountability in working with you to achieve ACU’s goals.

OGC provides legal support on a wide range of activities spanning across ACU including:

  • advising on and drafting commercial arrangements
  • responding to correspondence made by external lawyers
  • working with external lawyers appointed by OGC
  • advising on intellectual property rights (such as trade marks)
  • providing legal education
  • working collaboratively with other areas within ACU such as Information Technology, Procurement, Properties and Facilities and People and Capability.

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Assurance Unit

Advancing Institutional Excellence

At the heart of our Assurance Unit lies a dedication to maintaining the quality and reputation of our university through meticulous oversight and continuous improvement. Tasked with managing the university’s registration and beyond, Assurance ensures that our institution operates at the pinnacle of academic and operational excellence, meeting and exceeding regulatory standards with unwavering commitment. Through rigorous assessment, analysis, and an action-oriented approach, our Assurance professionals drive institutional advancement and uphold our commitment to excellence.

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Governance Unit

Shaping Strategic Direction

Steering the strategic course of our university, the Governance Unit oversees the intricate framework of policies, procedures, and senior governance committees that underpin our decision-making processes. From managing the Senate and Academic Board to developing and implementing governance structures, our Governance experts provide leadership and direction that aligns with our institutional vision and values. By fostering transparency, accountability, and effective decision-making, the Governance Unit empowers our institution to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with confidence.

Together, the Legal, Assurance, and Governance Directorate stands as a pillar of strength, integrity, and excellence within our university community. Guided by our shared commitment to integrity, innovation, and collaboration, we are dedicated to advancing our institution's mission and fostering a culture of excellence that inspires and empowers all those we serve.

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Page last updated on 17/04/2024

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